The stars of ''Independence Day'' and ''Twister'' are used to being mixed up

By Tiarra Mukherjee
Updated August 02, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

Dodging monster tornadoes is no easy task. Just ask Bill Pullman…sorry, we meant Bill Paxton. Harder still is saving the world from an alien attack, according to Bill Paxton…er, Bill Pullman.

Who knows if it’s the similar-sounding names or their Everyman mugs, but mixing up the Bills has become all too common these days. When Paxton, the star of Twister, went to the premiere of Independence Day, which stars Pullman, a reporter asked Paxton how it felt to have the two biggest blockbusters of the summer. And in the July 18 Daily Variety, in a story about Paxton, the Hollywood trade referred to the actor as…guess who. Paxton’s manager, Brian Swardstrom, admits he used to get tired of explaining who was who, but he says the actors ”have fun with it.” Swardstrom adds that the Bills have been friends since they both worked on the 1989 sci-fi thriller Brain Dead. (A double bill!)

The pair’s upcoming films should keep moviegoers scratching their heads. Pullman will star in Dean Devlin’s nautical thriller Supertanker, while Paxton will star in James Cameron’s nautical thriller Titanic. And the two have talked about finding a project to do together. ”That way people can see that they’re two different people,” jokes Swardstrom. The only question is, who’ll get top Bill-ing?