By Melissa Pierson
Updated July 26, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

If Leaving Las Vegas made you never want to drink again, Georgia is certain to make you never want to drink and then sing. It’s the story of Sadie (Jennifer Jason Leigh), a would-be rocker, and her sister, Georgia (Mare Winningham), a well-loved folk-music star. Sadie is her older sibling’s dark side, a tour guide through the deep caverns of miserable self-delusion. The drama — penned by Leigh’s mom, Barbara Turner — captures with remarkable aptitude the state of being chronically messed up, but it is Leigh, every bit as mesmerizing on the small screen as on the large, who brings director Ulu Grosbard’s keening song to life. It may not always be tuneful, but it’s got a lot of soul. B+