Valerie Harper, Jim Carrey, Kelsey Grammer and more all tried to negotiate for more money

By Anna Holmes
Updated July 26, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

Valerie Harper: Demands $100,000 per episode for NBC’s Valerie in April 1987. Lorimar, the show’s production company, replaces her with Sandy Duncan. Harper later wins a $1 million-plus court settlement.

Rob Morrow: Walks off the set of Northern Exposure in June 1992, demanding his salary be raised from a reported $19,250 to $45,000 an episode. Settles for a much smaller increase (a reported $30,000).

Michael Chiklis: Threatens to leave the set of The Commish in June 1992 if his approximate $30,000-an-episode salary is not upped. Reportedly withdraws demand when ABC threatens to cancel the show.

Jim Carrey and David Alan Grier: Suggest they will leave In Living Color in August 1992 if pay isn’t increased. No figures are reported; both eventually come to an accord with Fox.

Roseanne: Engages in a tug-of-war with production company Carsey-Werner about coming to work for Roseanne‘s seventh season in July 1994. Claims her contract has lapsed. Carsey-Werner reportedly threatens to sue; the two sides soon strike a dollar deal.

Kelsey Grammer: Calls in sick in November 1995 for three days, the second such action in two years. The Frasier star is upset over his $150,000-per-episode salary, a figure dwarfed by the show’s potential profits from a syndication deal. Later returns to the set; Paramount refuses to say whether he is given a raise.