The week's best online quotes

By EW Staff
Updated July 26, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

”I’ve never sung ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow,’ because I like to watch [my mother, Judy Garland] sing it. I’d rather be a first-rate version of myself than a second-rate version of one of the greatest entertainers of all time.”
— Liza Minnelli on Prodigy

”I was blown away by Burt [Reynolds]…really starstruck. When I was in high school, he was the dude! King of the box office. I’m getting all verklempmt!”
Striptease‘s Robert Patrick on Prodigy

”I’ve been openly gay long before I was well known, and that’s just the way I live my life. There are people in the [Hollywood] community with whom I do have clout and there are people in the community who hate everything I stand for. ”
Independence Day‘s Harvey Fierstein on AOL

”I’ve been called [Meat Loaf] since I was about a year old. Teachers called me Meat. ‘Meat, sit down and be quiet.’ It was on the football program — ‘Meat Loaf, #74, defensive tackle.”’
— Meat Loaf (Marvin Lee Aday) on TV Guide Online