The Demolitionist

July 19, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

Devotees of Ed Wood who complain that they don’t make bad movies like they used to ought to check out The Demolitionist, a zippy piece of quick-to-video trash that effectively mixes low-budget cheese with pro forma contemporary awfulness.

Hewing to ’90s fashion, the movie can’t figure out what genre it belongs to. The story takes place in a vague future (sci-fi?); chilly scientist Bruce Abbott reanimates undercover operative Nicole Eggert (horror?) after she’s mortally wounded by manic baddie Richard Grieco (police thriller?); with newfound strength and a nifty costume, she rides out to avenge her own demise (superhero fantasy?), blowing up lots of stuff along the way.

Director Robert Kurtzman — a founder of KNB, one of Hollywood’s foremost makeup F/X houses, and the guy who wrote the story for Robert Rodriguez’s vampire flick From Dusk Till Dawn — obviously knows his B movies, and he isn’t too self-conscious about it. He provides former Baywatch star Eggert with a Barb Wire-y vehicle that’s not as slick as Pamela Lee’s movie but a lot less decadent.

With its amusingly cheap sets (the equipment in Abbott’s lab looks as though it were ordered from the Home Depot) and absurd dialogue (”I’m like some weird killing machine”), The Demolitionist may be the perfect video accompaniment for that microwavable Velveeta-and-nachos recipe you’ve been dying to try out. If you liked Up Close & Personal: D- If you like this sort of thing: A

The Demolitionist

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