Entertainment news for June 28


Celebrity-tchotchke fever continues apace. Some of Liberace’s possessions are being sold by an L.A. attorney who bought the partially furnished Hollywood Hills house from the pianist in 1979 (Liberace died in 1987). The lawyer (who wants to remain anonymous because of Lee’s overzealous fans) recently placed a classified ad in Variety. Among the items on the block: chandeliers, statues, and a marble vanity. The piece de resistance is a red velvet headboard, trimmed in gold leaf and featuring a hand-carved centerpiece. ”I’d describe it as over-the-top rococo,” says the attorney, who’s asking between $3,000 and $3,500. A Liberace expert, Jamie James, the showman’s former publicist, agrees it’s, well, a showstopper. Says James, ”Imagine saying to your friends, ‘Oh, by the way, guess who slept here?”’