What is the deal with Medieval Times?

By Jessica Shaw
Updated June 28, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Q: In ”The Cable Guy,” Jim Carrey’s psychotic techie drags customer Matthew Broderick out for some 11th-century fun at Medieval Times, a restaurant where the grub must be eaten with your bare hands, the mead is Pepsi, and the ”serving wenches” are downright mean. Is this place for real?

A: Aye, sire. The medieval-themed eatery originated 35 years ago in Majorca, Spain, and now there’s a chain of seven restaurants in the U.S., with locations in such gastronomic capitals as Lyndhurst, N.J., and Kissimmee, Fla. According to Medieval spokeswoman Laurie Piro, the movie’s depiction is accurate — to a point. ”We will give a knife and fork to those who absolutely ask,” says Piro. ”But the emcee will point them out in front of 1,200 people to say they’re using the instruments of the devil.” Piro adds that yes, the carbonated choice of the Medieval generation is Pepsi or Diet Pepsi, but she thinks the waitresses have been misrepresented. The movie’s ”serving wench was a little nasty,” she sniffs. ”Ours are nice.”

The Cable Guy

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