From ''ER'' Barbie to the ''Cops'' board game, TV is teeming with untapped toy possibilities

By Kristen Baldwin
Updated June 21, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

Time to retire your Beverly Hills, 90210 Brenda doll — there’s a whole new generation of TV toys to covet, all destined for a store near you. Mattel is leading the charge, with a line of dolls, accessories, and CD-ROMs based on the upcoming ABC series Clueless. If toy companies are smart, the merchandising mania won’t stop there — for television is just teeming with untapped possibilities.

ER Barbie: Comes with blood-spattered scrubs for day, tousled bedsheet for night, mini-bone saw, and defibrillators. Also available: ”Dr. Ross” Ken, featuring action eyebrows and paste-on, peel-off hickeys.

NYPD Blue Play Set: Beat a confession out of a plastic perp in your easy-to-assemble drab gray indoor/outdoor interrogation room. Sold separately: the Detective Sipowicz Goofy Gun (handle has secret compartment for flask!).

The Friends Funny-Money Machine: Designed to teach underemployed actors how to become human franchises. Comes with a six-pack of Diet Coke, a ”Marketing Your Hair” tip sheet, and the instruction booklet 101 Ways to Start a Joke With the Phrase ”That Would Be….”

The Cops Board Game: Players race to find the crack dealer hiding in the seamy underbelly of a generic inner city. ”Domestic Dispute” card sends you ”directly to the station house to complete paperwork.”

America’s Funniest Home Videos Do-It-Yourself Accident Kit: Including ”Mom Loses Consciousness” trip wire, ”Hey, That’s My Femur” stair grease, and ”Not in Daddy’s Groin” slingshot.

Melrose Place Rainy-Day Activity Book: Jam-packed with games and mindbenders like ”Where’s Jo Sleeping Tonight?” ”Find Amanda’s Hemline,” and ”Shooters Word Scrambler.”

The X-Files Fun with Facial Expressions Game: Pick a spooky-situation card and try to match the appropriate emotion with the somber mugs of FBI agents Mulder and Scully. Is it ”Weakening Skepticism”? ”Unnamed Dread”? ”Boredom”? Only their acting coaches know for sure.