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Updated June 21, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

Father of the Bride Part II

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The house is actually the star of Father of the Bride II. It’s the quintessential American home. Portraying the title character, Steve Martin is right when, in evaluating the place for sale, he calls it ”the Leave It to Beaver house” and says that it would sell quickly. Right now, in my town of Westport, Conn., that kind of house is going for between $1.5 million and $2 million.

Obviously, the family in the movie has money — the house is very lavish and, to buy it back after they’ve sold it, they’re able to write a check on the spot for an extra $100,000 without blinking an eye. No wonder the house has such nice karma.

The baby suite itself must have cost $200,000 — cheap at any price, although it was actually more appropriate as a mother’s sitting room. Babies don’t like monotones — they need lots of color and action. And, of course, I would have added a computer to the room as the finishing touch.

When Martin Short’s character, Franck (the decorator/party planner), opens the door to the baby suite, it’s beautiful — although Short overacts. He’s Robert Isabel times 10. Yet I’ve worked with people like that — rich people often rely on ridiculous supplemental help around the house.

As for the story — almost a black comedy with its issue of dual pregnancy — I find it weak. I would rather have seen a younger, ugly duckling sister getting married next, but there was only a younger brother, and I guess no one’s interested in Father of the Groom.

Personally, I think it was inconsiderate for Keaton’s character to get pregnant at the same time as her daughter. And she should never have had a double baby shower — it stole some of her daughter’s thunder. I would never do that to my daughter, although Alexis would probably love for me to have her babies for her.

In any event, Diane Keaton just doesn’t work as Martin’s wife. She’s just not sexy or beautiful enough. I’m a great fan of his, and I kept thinking ”Annie Hall married to Steve Martin?” Nah. C

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Father of the Bride Part II

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