Actor's movies include ''Son-in-Law,'' ''Jury Duty,'' and ''Bio-Dome''

By Thomas Hudson
Updated June 14, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

Just how did a sartorially challenged, self-proclaimed ”weasel” like Pauly Shore make the leap to movie stardom? After examining his oeuvre, including Bio-Dome, we’re still wondering.

Encino Man Plot: Social outcast (Shore) wins over hostile high school classmates when he unearths frozen caveman. Formula: Fast Times at Ridgemont High meets Iceman. Grossest moment: Uses tongue to melt Cro-Magnon’s ice casing. Best slang: Grindage (food). Fashion don’ts: Striped bell-bottoms, purple bandanna. Naked butt shots: 0.

Son-in-Law Plot: Social outcast (Shore) wins over hostile farmers when he visits a gal pal’s family. Formula: Witness meets Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Grossest moment: When milking a cow, extracts different fluid. Best slang: Cones (breasts). Fashion don’ts: Snakeskin pants, green bandanna. Naked butt shots: 1.

In the Army Now Plot: Social outcast (Shore) wins over hostile fellow soldiers when he enlists to fight in desert war. Formula: Stripes meets Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. Grossest moment: Face gets licked by camel. Best slang: Hot wheels (Army vehicles). Fashion don’ts: Loud piano-patterned tie. Naked butt shots: 2.

Jury Duty Plot: Social outcast (Shore) wins over hostile fellow jurors on a murder trial. Formula: 12 Angry Men meets The Jerk. Grossest moment: Pours milk over his body in nightclub. Best slang: Luggage (baggy eyes). Fashion don’ts: Blond wig, sequined dress. Naked butt shots: 3.

Bio-Dome Plot: Social outcast (Shore) wins over hostile scientists when he’s trapped in a botanical bubble. Formula: Lifeboat meets Dumb and Dumber. Grossest moment: Costar Stephen Baldwin chews off Shore’s toenail. Best slang: Kibble (food). Fashion don’ts: Hawaiian shirt, Carmen Miranda-style fruit hat. Naked butt shots: 0 (he lets Baldwin do the honor).