Mariah Carey gets to work with her new label

By Heidi Siegmund Cuda
Updated June 14, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

Vanity — as in label — thy name is Mariah. As the newest artist plunging into the music-mogul pit, Mariah Carey is doing everything she can to make her new Sony-based company more like Madonna’s Maverick than Prince’s Paisley Park. Carey, who surely gets plenty of vocational advice from her husband, Sony chief Tommy Mottola, is expected to christen her label Crave and just signed her first act — the Queens, N.Y.-based hip-hop duo Blue Denim, which includes Kimberly ”Kimmie Kat” James, the younger sister of Cheryl James of Salt ‘N’ Pepa. And like any music maven, Carey’s good at throwing her high-pitched voice around. ”Mariah has been writing and singing hooks on certain tracks,” says Blue Denim manager Kenny Meiselas. That’s a shrewd move, since the pop diva’s presence on the disc should guarantee major radio airplay when it’s released next fall. For her part, Carey fantasizes about being a hero to other artists. ”There’s a lot of great talent out there,” she said recently, ”and a lot of people who need to get heard.”