Howard Stern, Jim Carrey, and ''The Rock'' made the news this week

By Cindy Pearlman and Casey Davidson
Updated June 07, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

The Cruelest Cut: Now we know the real reason they call him a shock jock. Looking like he stuck his finger in an electric socket, Howard Stern reaches out and touches the ’70s in a scene from Private Parts, the movie based on his best-selling memoir now filming in New York. Stern wears four different wigs on screen, but he’s not the only one who ends up resembling ”Weird Al” Yankovic. ”It’s a period movie,” says a Parts spokesman. ”He doesn’t look any sillier than anyone else.”

Real Gems: The next soundtrack you’ll hear will probably feature…Jewel. First she recorded a song for The Crossing Guard (”Emily”) at the request of director and former beau Sean Penn. Now she’s contributed songs to the soundtracks for the witch pic The Craft (”Under the Water”) and the art-house hit I Shot Andy Warhol (a cover of Donovan’s ”Sunshine Superman”). The plucky Alaskan singer could supplant Bryan Adams as Hollywood’s fave balladeer. All the extra work is boosting Jewel’s debut, Pieces of You, which has gone gold. ”To be honest,” says Ron Shapiro, senior VP/GM of her label, Atlantic Records, ”the soundtracks aren’t part of the marketing plan.” But they don’t hurt.

Straight Man: Ready or not, we’re about to see Jim Carrey s-s-s-s-tretch. In the black comedy The Cable Guy, Carrey doesn’t deliver another putty-faced performance, which has some fans stumped. ”At first they said, ‘What’s going on? Jim Carrey is not sticking his head up his butt?”’ says director Ben Stiller, who thinks audiences will embrace Carrey’s new direction. So does Carrey. Having signed to star in director Peter Weir’s drama The Truman Show, about a man who discovers his entire life has been borrowed for a top-rated TV show, the comic sounds determined to stop clowning around. ”I’m going to see where it takes me,” he says. ”I’m gonna lose some people on this and gain some people, but that’s the way you’ve gotta go.”

Jailhouse Rock: Ready for the Birdman Jamboree? Alcatraz will be the site of Disney’s big June 3 premiere of The Rock, starring Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage, and Ed Harris, and filmed you-know-where. But turning one of the nation’s most notorious prisons — now a nature sanctuary and tourist mecca — into party central is a task even Walt Disney would find daunting. Because Alcatraz has almost no electricity or running water, the company will use barges to haul generators, water containers, heaters, portable toilets, and tents across San Francisco Bay the week before. On the night of the fete, guests will be transported via ferry, tour the isle, snack on canapes, and watch for birds. Sounds like fun, but it’s no Pirates of the Caribbean.

Etc.: From Jodie Foster and Mary Tyler Moore to Christopher Reeve and Eddie Van Halen, many famous faces have lent their voices to Dr. Frasier Crane’s radio show. But Frasier‘s Jane Leeves wishes she could get Clint Eastwood. ”I shop at the same grocery store,” says Leeves, ”and I keep hoping he’ll come up and say, ‘Jane, can we talk about me being a voice?”’ So far, nothing. But ”I keep following him to frozen foods just in case.” In other words, Clint, the lines are open.