Talk is swirling about Jon Stewart taking Kinney's spot

By Jessica Shaw
Updated May 31, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

Don’t be alarmed, but another late-night baton swap may be in the works. According to a source, Greg Kinnear could be on the verge of turning over NBC’s Later — and a lifetime supply of Sominex — to talk-show-host alumnus Jon Stewart.

With Kinnear’s film career even more atwitter than his eyebrows (he garnered good notices for Sabrina, has Paramount’s Dear God in the can, and is about to film Rysher Entertainment’s A Smile Like Yours opposite Lauren Holly), the former Talk Souper, who’s still under contract to NBC, has less and less time to devote to the show. Coincidentally, Stewart, who has subbed for Kinnear, has managed to establish his own beachhead in Hollywood (he’ll be in Miramax’s Wishful Thinking and Paramount’s The First Wives Club). For now, both sides deny that there’s a switch in the offing, but no one is ruling it out. ”We’re still planning to go with Greg,” says NBC exec producer Gary Considine. ”But Stewart is definitely a talented guy, and we’d like to make him part of the family.” A spokesman for Stewart is even cagier: ”It’s hard to say what Jon wants now. We’ll have to wait and see how the movies turn out.”