Overhead online the week of May 31

By EW Staff
May 31, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

”If you would’ve told me that the biggest opening weekend I would be involved with was a film with two comics in very bad wigs, I would have laughed.”
Rob Lowe, on the success of Wayne’s World, on Prodigy

”[Dean Cain and I] never really talk about the kissing, but those moments, short or long, just seem honest or spontaneous to the situation…(and aren’t too rough on the lips either).”
Teri Hatcher on TV Guide Online

”’Short People’ was the worst possible thing I could have had a hit with — like having a hit with ‘The Purple People Eater.’ The most unsuccessful tour I ever had was when ‘Short People’ was a No. 1 record! It might have been because of the midgets picketing the show! That’s why I married one!”
Randy Newman on Prodigy