By EW Staff
Updated May 24, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

Based on this verbatim excerpt from a recent publicity notice, Beverly Hills, 90210 star-cum-street-hard rapper Brian (Austin) Green is definitely down with his bad self:

For Immediate Release:

Defying stereotypical racial and regional rap rules, L.A.-based Brian Green brings mad hype skills and multi-faceted flavor to the ’95-’96 hip-hop table. Serving it straight up street on the hard, jazzy, mellow, smoothed-out funk tip, One Stop Carnival, his dynamic debut Yab Yum Records album, features that phat lead single, ”You Send Me….,” a prime rhyme example of Green’s ability to transcend rap’s traditional ethnic boundaries….

…Green, who produced and/or co-produced the lion’s share of the album, gives props to his CD’s other studio wizards — L.A. Jay and Slim Kid-3 (the Pharcyde)…. ”Slim Kid-3 and L.A. Jay are two of my closet [sic] friends, and their production skills are all that,” acknowledged Green…. [D]ope ”…Carnival” cuts include…”The Drama,” a serious tale from the hood; and ”Didn’t Have a Clue,” a whack [sic] rapper’s worst ”mic”-mare.

”Although I knew being white would make it a little harder for me to get the props and respect all rappers want and need, I’m confidant [sic] I can do it and still be myself,” noted Brian; totally immersed in rap’s urban roots and culture….

As ”You Send Me…” takes its top-chart rise, and his mind- blowing new album continues to surprise, be assured that rap metaphor master Brian Green has the right stuff to become a hit-making machine….”Yeah, I’d like to really blow up someday, who wouldn’t?” he concludes.