By EW Staff
Updated May 24, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

First there was a Twister. Now there’s a title wave. After a spring of doldrums at the box office, it’s looking to be a stormy season in Hollywood, and forecasts call for pennies — trillions of them — from heaven. Though business may be good, it’s far from usual. Sure, there are the obvious choices — Arnold shows his brawn in Eraser, Jim Carrey shows his many faces in The Cable Guy, and Demi Moore shows everything in Striptease. But there are also some oddball attractions — like aliens invading (Independence Day), Michael Keaton cloning (Multiplicity), Michael J. Fox’s invisible friends (The Frighteners), and Eddie Murphy’s 400 pounds of jiggle (The Nutty Professor). Best of all, Disney is introducing a brand-new superstar. Have a hunch who it is? Check out our reviews.