Wacky topics are taken from Keanu Reeves' characters

By Pat H. Broeske and Jessica Shaw
Updated May 17, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

So this is where the digital revolution has taken us? California graphic designers Robert Daeley and Alexander Justice have created a World Wide Web site called ”Keanumandu,” home of the Society for Keanu Consciousness, where ”enlightened” visitors meditate on that most righteous of stars, Keanu Reeves. As the site, which has had 20,000 hits since November, puts it, ”By following the Tao of No (or the No Way) and the teachings of Sri Keanu’s cinematic incarnations, we can reach karmic equilibrium…and produce a new cosmic age of peace and enlightenment!”

Although the Internet is chockful of wacky fan sites — most notably the Oracle of Bacon, which posits that Kevin Bacon is the center of the universe — few have such a developed sensibility as the society’s online shrine. Among the page’s trippy topics: ”The Face on Mars: Is It Keanu?” ”Learn All About the Real Dogstar!” and ”All We Are Is Dust in the Wind, Dude.”

”No one else gives off those vibes,” says Justice. ”I only wish he’d do more Shakespeare.” As for the little Buddha himself, a spokesman says, ”I don’t know if he’s seen any of these websites. But he’s aware of them.” Of course. Sri Keanu knows all.