EW daughters came to work on April 25 and put out their own mag

By EW Staff
Updated May 10, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

It’s a shame about those child labor laws: We’ll have to wait a few years before hiring any of the young journalists who visited our offices on April 25.

On that date, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY proudly participated in the fourth annual Take Our Daughters to Work Day, hosting 22 girls, ages 9 to 15. Their task: to create a six-page magazine about All My Children star Eva La Rue, who graciously agreed to sit for an interview.

And what an interview it turned out to be. Notebooks at the ready, the girls peppered the soap actress with tough-as-nails questions. Does she dye her hair? (Yes, back to her natural color.) Did she ever have to kiss a costar with bad breath? (No, but she did once have to lock lips with a fat, balding fellow.) Does she think she deserves the money she makes? (Yes, not for acting but for being under scrutiny from the public 24 hours a day.) ”If only all real reporters could be so intrepid,” says special projects manager Alison Gwinn, who helped coordinate the day’s activities.

After the interview, the girls got hands-on lessons from EW staffers in writing stories, selecting photos, and selling ads. By the end of the day, their La Rue issues in hand, several of our guests promised to send in resumes after college. But others were unconvinced. Said 12-year-old Torri Gamble: ”What I really want to be is an actress.” Well, EW would be happy for a few of those, too.

Michael J. Klingensmith, Publisher