By Ken Tucker
Updated May 03, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

An Unfinished Affair is a squishy Fatal Attraction rip-off, featuring Beverly Hills, 90210‘s Jennie Garth as the fruitcake fatal femme.

At the start of Affair, art teacher Alex Connor (Tim Matheson) has had a short tryst with his student Sheila Hart (Garth). He thinks their fling is over, and falls back in the arms of his blissfully ignorant wife (Leigh Taylor-Young). Sheila, feeling jilted, plots a revenge that includes seducing Alex’s lunkhead of a son, Rick (Peter Facinelli), and ruining the kid’s life.

Garth is listed as one of Affair‘s executive producers, and the TV movie was obviously conceived as a showcase to display her naughty side. After six seasons of playing 90210‘s virtuous Kelly, she’s surprisingly effective as a violent vamp. In fact, if anything, Garth’s quizzically raised eyebrows and quick sneers are too subtle for this sledgehammer script. But Matheson’s teacher is a reined-in bore, too busy nursing his sulky guilt to interact convincingly with anyone. By the time Garth slips out of her high heels to attain better balance while wielding a knife, Affair has lost whatever momentum she initially brought to it. C-