By Michael Sauter
Updated May 03, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

THE SILENCERS Jack Scalia, Dennis Christopher (1996, PM, R, priced for rental) Mix invasion scenarios from The X-Files, The Hidden, and TV’s old The Invaders and you get this straight-to-tape junk food, in which a G-man (Jack Scalia) and a friendly alien (Dennis Christopher) battle extraterrestrial assassins (known as the Men in Black) who’ve tricked the U.S. government into helping them take over. As paranoia plots go, The Silencers is cartoonishly simplistic, yet on the small screen the action crashes forward so quickly you’ll hardly notice. Though frequently upstaged by some outrageous stuntwork, the two stars still exude enough dynamic-duo appeal to spark a sequel or two. Maybe next time they’ll face a tougher conspiracy. B-