Courtney Love and Madonna fall victim to recent spoof ads

By EW Staff
Updated May 03, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

Is MTV biting the hands of the divas that feed it? How about just nibbling at them? In new TV and print ads for the network, Courtney Love and Madonna are wickedly parodied in a send-up of the 1962 dysfunctional classic What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? A pudgy middle-aged actress plays Love as a psychotic, lipstick-smeared Bette Davis, while a Madonna clone costars as the Gaultier-clad Joan Crawford in a wheelchair. The 30-second TV spot was the brainchild of Diesel Jeans photographer and first-time director David LaChapelle. MTV instantly loved the clip and sent out preview copies to Madonna and Love to make sure the feeling was mutual. ”We have very good relationships with both, and we didn’t view it as anything but a lot of fun,” says John Shea, MTV’s senior VP of marketing. Madonna and Love apparently didn’t receive the tapes — neither knew about the ad when first contacted by EW. But Madonna’s spokeswoman, Liz Rosenberg, showed the mom-to-be the spot while on location for Evita in Budapest. ”She was laughing hysterically,” says Rosenberg. ”She just thought it was a riot.” Even Love got a chuckle. ”That is f—ing funny,” she responded via E-mail, after the ad was described to her. Love saw the bright side of being cast as a cackling hag, taunting ”Who was the better actress?”