A look at new paperbacks from Dave Barry, Anne Tyler, and other popular authors

By EW Staff
Updated April 26, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

1939: The Lost World of the Fair

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1939: The Lost World of the Fair
David Gelernter
Gelernter, the Yale computer-science professor who became one of the Unabomber’s targets in 1993, uses the famous New York world’s fair of 1939-40 to ponder the changes wrought by the age of technology. A

Blown Sideways through Life
Claudia Shear
Shear worked at 64 different places before her career took off with a one-woman play about life in the service economy. The longer, more detailed book version showcases her various zany jobs — from a law-firm proofreader to a receptionist at a brothel. A

Ladder of Years
Anne Tyler
Delia, the hero of Tyler’s latest novel of quiet epiphanies and family seismology, is a fortysomething housewife who, one day, simply walks away from all she knows and begins a new life in another town. A-

Dave Barry’s Complete Guide to Guys
No new insights here; the point is to savor the anecdotes, the stories clipped from newspapers and sent in by adoring readers, the mentions of Barry’s pets and son. The bonus is reading about duct tape, nose hair, and the proper distribution of bodies at urinals when more than one guy is present. A-

1939: The Lost World of the Fair

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