McDonald's teams with Disney — The fast food restaurant has trivia fans looking up 'Dumbo,' 'Snow White,' and other classic Disney films

By Jennifer Pendleton
Updated April 26, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

Okay, trivia buffs, try these brainteasers. What does Pinocchio eat while visiting Pleasure Island? Whose foot stifles Sneezy’s sneeze in Snow White? And one more question: What Disney scratch-off trivia game is driving McDonald’s customers nuts?

We’ve been able to answer only the last one. Since the Disney Video Masterpiece Collection Trivia Challenge debuted at the fast-food chain March 29, perplexed players have been jamming research lines at libraries across the country for answers to the nearly 6,000 multiple-choice questions that come attached to McDonald’s cups and fries containers. The New York Public Library reports 50 calls on Disney subjects in one week alone, while the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ library has a recording saying it won’t answer Disney queries during the contest. ”We were getting calls up the wazoo,” says library director Linda Harris Mehr. ”And some of the questions are obscure. Even our staff would have trouble answering them.”

Prizes range from a soda to two $1 million cash awards. And although Disney admits the questions are tough, in fact one $1 million prize has already been claimed. But no matter how much we begged, they wouldn’t tell us what object Dumbo tripped over in his circus debut. ”In the spirit of good sportsmanship,” says a studio spokeswoman, ”we are unable to provide answers.”