Getting slim for 'Batman and Robin' — 'Clueless''s Alicia Silverstone is losing weight for her upcoming role as Batgirl

If she were in college, they’d call it the freshman 15. Instead, Alicia Silverstone, who graduated last summer from Clueless to major stardom, is the latest celeb publicly battling a few pounds. At last month’s Oscars, fashion critics thought she looked more Babe than babe. Now, with filming on Batman and Robin set to begin in August, Silverstone, 19, is said to be slimming fast for her role as Batgirl. ”She’s lost 10 pounds, and she’s on her way to losing another 10,” says a film source.

Both Silverstone’s spokeswoman and director Joel Schumacher say the actress is in training, like ever other actor in the film. ”They are strenuous roles,” he says, ”they’re roles where the audience gets to know them a little more intimately physically.” That’s because Bat costumes are slightly less forgiving than body paint. As Batgirl, Silverstone will wear ”a skintight version of the Batsuit,” says Schumacher. And like the outfits in Batman Returns, it comes ”with nipples. We’re an equal opportunity movie.”