The funniest TV lines from the week of April 19, 1996

By EW Staff
Updated April 19, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

”We’ve got an awful lot of members that don’t understand that harass is one word, not two.”
Rep. Pat Schroeder, discussing what it’s like being a woman in Congress, on Politics With Chris Matthews

”Okay, what kind of sick doggy snuff film is this?”
Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), seeing the ending of Old Yeller for the first time, on Friends

”Because their population has leveled off, the President of France is urging French women to have more babies. In a related story, tourism in France is up 800 percent.”
Conan O’Brien on Late Night

”I’ll be back on NBC: I’m scheduled to be on ER. I’ll be playing Man With Rash.”
Jon Stewart, wrapping up his stint guest-hosting for Greg Kinnear, on Later