By Curt Feldman
Updated April 19, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

When fisherman and amateur arsonist Jimmy Darroux is blown sky-high by the secretly rigged bomb he carries, his smoldering remains hiss sickeningly as they drop into the waters off Captiva Island. Doc Ford — a CIA dirty-tricks operative-turned-part-time marine biologist — is the first to reach the body. Soon he and his friend Tomlinson, a sarong-clad, Coors-quaffing ex-hippie, stumble onto the reason for the bomb: an ugly little war between the island’s net and sport fishermen. Captiva is an enticing brew of hard-drinking, thick-skulled anglers, plodding detectives, and plotting marina bosses. Randy Wayne White knows a thing or two about friendship, love, and honor. He also knows it’s possible for neighbors who share the same small island to appreciate and understand each other so little.