By Peter Kobel
April 19, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

Was it avarice or merely sloth that made the producers of Bonnie Raitt: Burning Down the House take material from a perfectly fine live home video and create an enhanced CD with virtually no enhancements? They must have their fingers crossed that you won’t comparison-shop, because then you’d discover (a) the enhanced CD, with five full-length performance clips and one music video in jerky QuickTime, plus some sound-bite interviews — all of which is available on the home video — costs $11.99; (b) the home video, 21 songs in VHS hi-fi, costs $13.99. In fact, the only new things on the enhanced CD are lyrics and PR-style resumes of Raitt’s band members. Most egregiously, there’s a teasing ”online preview” that promises archival photos, interviews, etc., and then gives you only the Web address for Raitt’s home page.