Readers respond to Alanis Morisette, Nathan Lane, and Courtney Love

By EW Staff
Updated April 05, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

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The most talented of the Coppolas — and the sexiest — Nicolas Cage is finally getting the recognition he deserves. Cage is never dull or less than interesting. His versatility is why I chose to spend my money on his two hours of drunken depression in Leaving Las Vegas.
Jennifer Christy
Phillipsburg, N.J.

I was pleased to see your article on Nicolas Cage but dismayed to see he didn’t ”dissect” his role in Valley Girl. If it weren’t for this film, Cage would still be running from his famous uncle’s last name instead of making one for himself.
Thomas Oakley
Jackson, Mich.

Lay off Alanis Morissette! Chris Willman’s supposedly unbiased article was a backhanded slap to her face. More than 6 million Americans have embraced her refreshing Jagged Little Pill thus far — ’nuff said.
Brian Gottlock
Nanuet, N.Y.

Courtney Love’s reported quote (”Tell Alanis she sucks”) was affirmation that for many, life is just an extension of high school. Grow up, Courtney!
Leslie Chang
Rahway, N.J.

I was beginning to think I was the only one aware of the very talented Nathan Lane. There aren’t many actors that could sell the role of a drag queen as convincingly as Mr. Lane did in The Birdcage — or look as good as he did. And as far as romantic leading men go, I’d take him over Brad Pitt any day!
Kara Duncan
St. Louis

David Browne’s overwhelmingly positive review of Kiss’s Unplugged shatters a 23-year tradition. Doesn’t he know that critics are supposed to hate this band? Thanks for giving them the respect they deserve (and have earned). After all these years, it’s still fun to rock and roll all nite!
Mark Price
North Canton, Ohio

In future Guest Critic columns, do yourselves a favor and find someone who can actually give constructive criticism. Soupy Sales’ review of Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls was nothing more than a confession of his own bitterness. (Someone more popular than you, Soupy?)
Paula Schulzki
Morton, Ill.

I just finished reading Soupy Sales’ Ace Ventura review and I just wanted to ask why he isn’t a regular critic. That was the most honest, hilarious movie review I’ve ever read. I don’t know if ”Jim has been smokin’ his hair,” but Soupy certainly smoked on that review!
Gina Figliuolo
Los Angeles

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