The best net quotes from the week of April 5, 1996

By EW Staff
Updated April 05, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST

”Spike [Lee] gave me my first role in a motion picture. I played a woman addicted to crack [in Jungle Fever]. He gave me a chance to shed my modeling/beauty pageant image.”
Halle Berry on America Online

”That period of time [age 2 to 5] was ingrained into my mind permanently when my father died.. A lot of my memories are interspersed with video and film images, and it’s hard to discern between the two.”
Sean Ono Lennon on Prodigy

”I flew [fellow SNL alum] Jon Lovitz to Catalina Island for the first time. While we were coming home, he insisted we fly over his house. He wanted to see if he was home. But you know what was scary? He was.”
Amateur pilot Phil Hartman on AOL

”It feels pretty good [to play David Letterman]. Fancy suits, fancy cars, smoke fancy cigars. But I don’t quite know [what it’s like] because this man makes 14 million dollars a year in salary and I’ll never know what that feels like.”
The Late Shift‘s John Michael Higgins on Prodigy