Freezing a frame on the new video version might alter the film's G-rating

By George Mannes
Updated April 05, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST

Who framed The Best of Roger Rabbit?

Five minutes and 37 seconds into the cartoon compilation’s G-rated Trail Mix-Up, a revealing poster appears on a wall as Roger runs through a sawmill. Next to the image of a buxom, bikini-clad woman straddling an oversize saw are the words Rigid Tools.

The poster, impossible to see when the cartoon runs at normal speed, is more legible on the just-issued laserdisc — in frame No. 32,478 — than on the tape version released in February, which may explain why Disney, through its disc distributor Image Entertainment, recalled the disc as it was reaching stores. Though Image president Martin Greenwald blamed inconsistent color on some discs, he said that if Disney wanted to alter the cartoons for a new edition, ”that’s their business.” When asked about the poster, Buena Vista’s vice president of publicity and event marketing, Tania Moloney, said, ”I would have to go and see if it’s there,” then never called back. Maybe she couldn’t see it. And if you buy the replacement disc, don’t be surprised if you can’t see it either.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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