Readers respond to ''Babe,'' "Friends," and Mariah Carey

By EW Staff
Updated March 22, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST

I love EW and always read it cover to cover. Speaking of covers, when I received your Spring Preview with Julia Roberts on the cover, two words came to mind: The Exorcist. With the red letters on her stomach and the protruding rib cage, what’s next, spewing pea soup?
Janet Prater
Norman, Okla.

All I can say about Julia Roberts on your cover is, Hey babe, eat something!
Al Lutz
West Hollywood, Calif.

Know what’s worse than Friends overexposure? Articles about Friends overexposure. I am, however, impressed that you can come up with creative ways to discuss this overexposure.
Allison Fowler
Searcy, Ark.

What’s Jim Mullen’s beef with Babe? He writes, ”You know the pickings are slim when you see Babe the pig shopping for a tux.” I disagree. That Babe was about a pig is pointless. It had something most movies do not: imagination.
Tony Marchetti
St. Paul

In his review of Muppet Treasure Island, Ken Tucker used the phrase ”that overrated windbag Miss Piggy” when referring to this huge and hugely talented, beloved cultural icon. He should beware: The only reason Kermit survived Miss Piggy’s devastating karate chops is that he’s made of foam. I doubt Mr. Tucker would fare so well.
Shawn McCormick

I’ve heard stories of pop stars demanding certain items to ensure backstage bliss, but Mariah Carey’s ”contract” takes the cake (or in this case, the Drakes coffee cakes)! Maybe this is why ticket prices are so ridiculous. C’mon Mariah, you’re a big girl with a big checkbook, surely you can afford your own handy wipes.
David Nowell
Horsham, Pa.

Fascinating. Mariah Carey keeps S&W stuffed olives backstage. This may be the most useless piece of information I have ever picked up in my entire life.
Michael Waters
Bronxville, N.Y.

You set a record with four major but easily checked errors in your tiny 190-word piece on Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie. 1. It’s Michael J. Nelson, not Michael T. Nelson. 2. The MST3K word is dickweed, not dickhead. 3. The producer is Jim Mallon, not Jim Malone. 4. This Island Earth was released in 1955, not 1954. But who’s counting?
Tom Dupree
New York City