Winona Ryder's next role -- The ''Little Women'' star will appear in ''Alien: Resurrection''


Of all the actresses in Hollywood, Winona Ryder is the last one you’d expect to see on the final frontier, but there she goes. The Little Women and Crucible star will appear opposite Sigourney Weaver in the new Alien sequel, Alien: Resurrection. Ryder plays an android recruited by Weaver’s Ripley to thwart the now Earth-bound alien. (Actually, it’s a clone of Ripley; the original met her demise in Alien 3. It is sci-fi.) Not only is this role expected to match — if not up — Ryder’s $3 to $5 million paycheck, it promises to have a positive impact on her wardrobe. Says Winona’s spokeswoman, ”We’re finally getting her out of corsets.”

Alien: Resurrection
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