By Ty Burr
Updated March 15, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST

Lucky for New Line Cinema that it farmed out creation of this site tied to the Jackie Chan action hit to the Big Gun Project, a bunch of California webmasters with a serious collective Chan fetish. The result: Rumble In the Bronx (http://www., a movie site with just the right balance of kitsch, promo, and flat-out adoration. It helps to have a powerful computer; Rumble employs the breakthrough software Shockwave to deliver video clips you can rewind and watch again. Technology aside, any site that lets you glimpse posters of the Hong Kong star’s hits (Drunken Master, anyone?), hear snippets from one of his pop albums, or play a game in which you match his injuries (”hole in scalp,” ”glass shards in butt”) to the movies in which he sustained them is worth crashing through the roof to check out. A