This week in Hollywood -- From ''Mars Attacks!'''s Jack Nicholson to ''The Nutty Professor'''s Eddie Murphy, a look at actors playing multiple roles in the same film

By Tom Russo
Updated February 23, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST
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Cheech Marin all but steals From Dusk Till Dawn by popping up as a customs inspector, a strip-joint barker, and an underworld honcho. Yet that hat trick pales next to the extra duty in store for these marquee names:

Eddie Murphy: He may be a megastar again after people see June’s bravura remake of The Nutty Professor, in which Murphy tackles seven roles.

Michael Keaton: The actor meets himself coming and going in July’s cloning comedy Multiplicity.

Jack Nicholson: Keaton’s Bat-nemesis has two roles in Tim Burton’s sci-fi sortie Mars Attacks!

John Travolta: Roman Polanski will direct Travolta and Travolta in The Double, based on Dostoyevsky’s novella.

Why the multi-flurry? ”Playing against yourself is such a challenge that getting actors interested is never a problem,” says Double producer Todd Black. Among those who flirted with Black’s project but passed: Jack Nicholson. Presumably, he didn’t want to repeat himself.

Mars Attacks!

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