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By EW Staff
Updated February 23, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST

Gulliver's Travels

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Lisa Schwarzbaum’s candid telling of Seinfeld, the funniest show on TV (#312, Feb. 2), is a good example of why I subscribe. Jerry Seinfeld is perhaps the greatest comedic mind of our time, and I will be saddened when the series ends. If we were to plant a time capsule to show other generations our cultural impressions, a copy of Seinfeld should most definitely be included.
Rob Miller
Washington, D.C.

I just read your article on Seinfeld. What a bunch of whiners. In their opinion, any show with smart writing, an ensemble cast, and clever jokes is a rip-off of theirs? In that case, Seinfeld is a rip-off of Mary Tyler Moore, and every sitcom ever made is a rip-off of I Love Lucy.
Aron Pollack
N. Miami Beach, Fla.

I was surprised to hear Michael Richards insinuate that the cast of Friends had sold out by endorsing Diet Coke. Jerry has claimed that he would not do such an endorsement in character. This is ironic, considering that every endorsement he does uses the name Jerry Seinfeld — the name of his television character.
John Lockamy

I appreciate your coverage of Eric Wright (a.k.a. Eazy-E) dealing with his music career and his battle with AIDS. Even though a lot of people criticized him, he should be remembered as a great musician. And despite some of the lyrics he used in his songs, he set a good example for African-Americans everywhere: Believe in yourself and you can do anything. He will be missed.
Tosha Rutherford
Nebo, N.C.

In ”Recipe for Success,” you divulge that in three current movies, the star dies. It reminded me of Gene Siskel’s thoughtless revelation about a certain character in The Crying Game shortly after the picture’s release. Please try to show more Sense and Sensibility for those of us who don’t like to know the final score before game time.
Bill True
San Jose, Calif.

How could EW review NBC’s Gulliver’s Travels without comparing it with one of the great adaptations: 1939’s feature-length cartoon Gulliver’s Travels? Ted Danson has some big shoes to fill.
David Meltzer

Paul Sorvino’s slur against community-theater actors in Master Class was crass and undeserved. I have seen community-theater performances that would blow Sorvino’s bushy, stick-on eyebrows right off his wiry-wigged head.
Rodney Atkins

CORRECTIONS: We should have reported Braveheart‘s budget as $53 million; its domestic gross is now $67 million (News & Notes). Also, we misstated the film Nixon‘s cost; $43 million is the correct figure. And Graham Yost wrote the screenplay for Speed (1995 Box Office Report).

Gulliver's Travels

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