The best internet quotes from the week of February 23, 1996

By EW Staff
February 23, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST

Melrose doesn’t try to make sense. It’s Melrosian logic, which is what [the producers] tell me when I ask questions. We live in an alternate universe where things don’t have to make sense.”
Kristin Davis on America Online

”I’m a little bit nervous [about going on Letterman]. I’ve been thinking about what I should do. Should I beat him up? Should I try something funny? If I can’t pronounce my English good, I will kick his butt!”
Rumble in the Bronx star Jackie Chan on CompuServe

”I think [Waiting to Exhale‘s success] is wonderful. I think Hollywood found a way to reach a black audience without shooting guns.”
NYPD Blue‘s James McDaniel on AOL

”If we could find a project that we both agreed was sound in script, sound in moral principal, and was suitably sexually explicit, we would do it.”
Mike Myers, on doing a new Wayne’s World sequel with Dana Carvey, on AOL