Readers respond to Tori Spelling, "Mr. Holland's Opus," and Kate Winslet

By EW Staff
Updated February 16, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST

Thanks for your article on George Clooney (#311, Jan. 26). Attractiveness aside, he comes across as candid, thoughtful, and a lot of fun. Normally I don’t follow the careers of good-looking actors; I consider it bored-housewife behavior. But I made a shameless beeline for this issue. How delightful to find out he’s such a regular guy!
Leanne Gonzalez

I had gone in just to get milk. Then I saw ”him” across a crowded supermarket. George Clooney on your cover! I haven’t swooned this much over a TV star since I was 9 — when I thought John Ritter was the cutest guy on the planet.
Meredith Troy
Amherst, Mass.

Oh, my Geiger, am I tired of hearing about George Clooney and that entire show. Let’s see an Adam Arkin cover!
Joy Skeldon
Clearwater, Minn.

Cheers to Owen Gleiberman for his thoughtful analysis of Mr. Holland’s Opus. It’s easy for cynics to jump on the you-made-me-cry-I-hate-you bandwagon. In reality, parents and students are in desperate need of films lauding dedicated teachers and family communication. Richard Dreyfuss’ performance highlights the value of a well-rounded education and a culture that equally embraces Tarantino, Austen, Gilliam, and Gump.
Pamela J. Like
East Boston, Mass.

Sorry, EW. I tried my best not to be catty, but the only thing entertaining about Tori Spelling is imagining what she’d be without Daddy’s dough, cosmetic surgery, and a wealth of makeup and hair products. Meow, meow.
Cari A. Linden
Rocky River, Ohio

It makes absolute sense that Tori Spelling, and now her brother Randy, are pursuing showbiz careers. That’s what they’ve been exposed to all their lives. Several years ago, Aaron Spelling paid the bill for me, a black writer he’d only heard about (born poor, probably because I forgot to ask to be born rich), to move to L.A. and pursue an ambition. I don’t know him, nor do I know Tori. But even if she proves to be a selfish little twit, judge her on that and not on things that are not in her control, and for which she’d be a fool not to use to her advantage.
Harriet A. Dickey
Los Angeles

Thank you for the article on Kate Winslet. I’ve been a fan of this incredible young woman since her amazing performance in the film Heavenly Creatures. Her enchanting work in Sense and Sensibility shows that she has a long career ahead of her. I just hope that Hollywood never gets its hands on her; she’s much too talented to settle for the second-class roles they hand actresses here.
Stacey Robillard
Yarmouth, Maine