The web's best quotes during the week of February 16, 1996

By EW Staff
Updated February 16, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST

”I’ve thought about reworking Medea, until it became a real social problem… It was a classical role, but when these women actually killed their children, it lost all appeal.”
Phylicia Rashad on AOL

”I have several favorite [directors]: David Lynch, Martin Scorsese, Martha Coolidge, and Diane Ladd.”
Actress and Mrs. Munck director Diane Ladd on AOL

”Hello! This is the first time I’ve done anything with computers….I don’t understand how the little letters go through the air!”
Shelley Winters on AOL

”No, I’m not married. But I like girls, and I have a wonderful girlfriend. When you’re 42 and single and neat in Hollywood, people think you might be gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”
Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster) on AOL