Readers respond to Ricki Lake, ''Friends,'' and "12 Monkeys"

By EW Staff
February 09, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST
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I’ve been a fan of Ricki Lake’s through thick and thin (if you know what I mean), and not too many magazines have given her as fair a shake as yours did (#310, Jan. 19). Sure, she’s the ”queen of trash TV,” but the public needs to give her a shot at something she’s always wanted. I know I’ll look at her upcoming movies with open eyes and an open heart.
Victoria Williams
Spartanburg, S.C.

If Ricki Lake is really talented enough for success in movies, let’s hope that the people who write about her can move away from emphasizing her weight loss as being the main reason for that success. Maybe the writer of your cover story took that emphasis from Ricki herself, but certainly the references to her slimming down permeate the entire article. Ricki is even quoted as saying — in reference to her weight issue — ”I’m so over talking about it.” Shouldn’t the rest of us try to get beyond it?
Michelle Johnson

SOME FRIENDS! Okay, so it’s a ratings thing. Still, the charm of Friends is its witty portrayal of six characters that viewers can identify with. This recent onslaught of cameos is more distracting than entertaining. Instead of an evening with Friends, it’s looking more like Hollywood Squares. What’s next? Ross and Marcel meet Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop, and Phoebe’s father turns out to be John Davidson?
K.C. Sullivan
Orinda, Calif.

Since the first episode of Friends aired, my own friends and I have been hooked, and naturally we looked forward to its second season with relish. But it seems that every other week since September, we’ve been greeted with a repeat. Thanks to Jeff Gordinier and A.J. Jacobs’ ”6 Pact,” I now know why: The producers have been concentrating on yet another advertising blitz, instead of cranking out new episodes. Lisa Kudrow talked about making Warner Bros. happy. Friends is keeping the bigwigs happy at the expense of the real people who keep it in the top 10 every week — the viewers. Must See TV? How about Already Seen It TV!
Jennifer Richardson

You posed an interesting question as to who should get more credit for making the film 12 Monkeys a hit, Bruce Willis or Brad Pitt. Well, I’ve got an idea: How about the fantastic story? Thanks for doing your small part in the continuing degradation of the screenwriter in Hollywood.
Nigel Mitchell

EDITOR’S NOTE: Far be it from us to overlook good writing. David Webb Peoples and his wife, Janet Peoples, wrote the screenplay for 12 Monkeys and The Day After Trinity; among David’s other credits are Unforgiven, Hero, and Blade Runner.

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