By J.R. Taylor
Updated February 02, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST

Having been sold and resold, the decades-old National Lampoon franchise has now been reduced to its lowest common denominator with National Lampoon’s Senior Trip. As a result, this bland tale of a bunch of high school students wreaking havoc on a bunch of out-of-touch congressmen is sadly out of touch itself, right down to the presence of Chong, who supplies a few old doper gags. The stale jokes would be a little less depressing if the movie were at least set in the ’70s, but the moviemakers just settle for recycling into the present day all the outmoded stereotypes that worked in the teen-sex comedies of their youth. In the end, this box office bust is notable only for avoiding the inevitable Lampoon fate of late — going straight to cable.