He has "Devil's Own" and "Air Force One" in the works

By Tom Russo
Updated February 02, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST

Harrison Ford keeps a deliberate schedule, all right: For years, it’s been one movie a year. But with shooting just begun on Alan Pakula’s thriller Devil’s Own, in which he stars with Brad Pitt, Ford already has another two projects lined up for the next 18 months, including what could have been Kevin Costner’s next big splash.

Ford had long since signed on for Ivan Reitman’s African Queen throwback Six Days, Seven Nights when producer Armyan Bernstein approached him recently about coming aboard Air Force One. Costner was Bernstein’s original candidate to play a hard-line U.S. President forced into action when his plane is seized by terrorists, but the actor wasn’t available until mid-1997. Costner agreed that if one other star — Ford — could make the film sooner, he should. Ford, a renowned script stickler on frenetic productions such as Clear and Present Danger, was sufficiently impressed with rookie scribe Andrew Marlowe’s work that he okayed the schedule-crunching.

Air Force One is now set to film in October; Six Days will wait until June 1997. Meanwhile, the Indiana Jones IV watch continues. Sighs Ford’s agent, Patricia McQueeney, ”That’s a long way down the road.”