By Lois Alter Mark
Updated February 02, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST

It’s no wonder fitness videos by runway models have become such runaway successes. They’re certainly easy on the eyes, and they make you actually believe the impossible: that you can have a body like a supermodel’s.

This perception is what makes Claudia Schiffer’s Perfectly Fit video series a bit problematic. Instead of creating a total body workout, Schiffer offers four separate tapes, each geared toward a specific part of the body. So now, unless you have $60 to burn away with your calories, you have to decide — would you rather have legs like Claudia’s or arms or abs or buns? And even if you got all four, you’d still have to supplement these toning programs with an aerobic workout.

All things being equal (and in this series they pretty much are, from the warm-up and cooldown to the locations and Claudia spiel), Perfectly Fit Arms emerges as the lightweight champion. As on all the tapes, the exercises are essentially the same ones you’ve been doing since grade-school gym class. But upper-body workouts are harder to come by on video, and this one is solid, if uninspired, featuring such longtime faves as push-ups and bicep curls. Similarly, though many exercisers are centering on their abs this time of year, don’t expect to find anything original or particularly encouraging on Perfectly Fit Abs.

Serious fitness enthusiasts will probably be bored by the series’ standard calisthenics, even though they do get to see Schiffer demonstrate each one in three different spots — a rooftop in Prague, a beach on St. Bart’s, a studio somewhere — and in three different outfits. And anyone who buys Perfectly Fit Legs and Perfectly Fit Buns will feel cheated to find the same lunges and squats on both programs.

But Schiffer doesn’t seem worried about any of this. If her current television commercials for Blockbuster Video are any indication, she knows her real audience is not women looking to whittle their waistlines but men who don’t mind whittling their wallets on her body. All four tapes: B-