By Owen Gleiberman
Updated January 26, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST

Brain-dead. Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin are slackers who drag their junk-food lives into the Bio-Dome, an experiment in ecologically correct living in Bio-Dome. On the scale of bottom-dwelling ne’er-do-wells, these two would have to rank somewhere between Beavis and microbial fungus. Shore, looking like the surfer-dude son of Dick Cavett, can’t keep from cracking up at his own slushy-voiced antics. Baldwin, wearing Rasta braids that make him resemble an exploding cauliflower, acts like a stoned somnambulist. There isn’t a trace of wit in Bio-Dome, but that’s hardly a surprise. The surprise is that Shore and Baldwin spend half the movie flirting with each other, biting off each other’s toenails, and smelling each other’s flatulence. What, exactly, is the director, Jason Bloom, trying to tell us? F