By EW Staff
January 19, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST

ANNE HOOPER’S ULTIMATE SEX GUIDE (DK Multimedia, CD-ROM for PC, $39.95) Do we really need another self-help guide to sex, even in the relatively unexploited format of CD-ROM? The answer, surprisingly, is yes. This disc by British sex therapist Hooper includes tastefully shot nudity and video instruction; explicit acts are depicted in realistically rendered animated sequences. Ultimate Sex Guide also offers programs for better sex (they may not be the Kama sutra, but they do provide the basics), case files (of new and established couples, as well as of single folks), and a ”sexopedia” (with an emphasis on anatomy and technique). The personal questionnaires, which take advantage of CD-ROM interactivity by assessing your answers and then suggesting specific courses of action, can be a tad intimidating, though. A-