By EW Staff
Updated January 12, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST


I ENJOYED your article on Friends’ Jennifer Aniston (#305, Dec. 15). The show is extremely funny and she is a fine comedian. However, I have to disagree with her statement that people can’t empathize with her frustration over a loss of privacy. As a reporter, I am appalled at what goes on in the tabloids. Not all reporters are that tactless, but those few pseudojournalists who are give the media a bad reputation. CARYN MOLLER East Setauket, N.Y.

THANK YOU for the wonderful article on Jennifer Aniston. As usual, you’re the first to do a profile on the reason I tune in to Friends every Thursday night. CLAY CHENEY Colby, Kan.

THE ONLY THING I can say about the Jennifer Aniston cover is ”Jen, sweetie, if it’s that cold out, don’t you think you need a jacket?” ROB LEWIS West Monroe, La.


THANKS FOR enlightening us on how the religious right spends its time! Silly me, I thought they were tending to the poor or finding homes for unwanted children. Who knew they were studying movies like Aladdin and The Lion King to save us all from subversive messages! MARY SHELTON Riverside, Calif.

RE THE Christian right’s boycott of Disney because Disney ”endorses a lifestyle…unworthy of special treatment”: If the Rev. Tim Benson says we should ”think about the original mission of Walt Disney,” maybe someone should remind him of the original mission of Jesus Christ. ROBERT MURRAY San Francisco


TO SAY Harry Connick Jr. leaves jazz standards ”lifeless” only discredits your reputation as critics. Connick gives audiences something all too rare these days: a performance worth more than the price of its ticket. Most musicians will tell you that his arrangements and improvisational skills are the best in the business. He has almost single-handedly brought an era of music back into the mainstream. KYLE MCCORMICK Bridgeton, N.J.


LET ME GET this straight: Doogie Howser is now a sex god, but Rosie O’Donnell and Penny Marshall are ”cheapening their images” in some funny and sharp ads for Kmart? Well, carve my face in your chocolate voodoo Santa and eat me! I like them! TRYSHA L. MAPLEY Weedsport, N.Y.


I WAS SHOCKED when I read your report about Comedy Central canceling Mystery Science Theater 3000. It’s simply the funniest show on TV. When the reruns of MST3K stop, I’m programming Comedy Central out of my remote. As Crow T. Robot would say, ”This bites!” BRIAN LINDSEY Memphis