By Jessica Shaw
Updated December 22, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

LAWSUITS Maybe they should hire guys to show off the washer-dryers. The Price Is Right host Bob Barker, 72, filed a slander-and-libel suit against ex-Price model Holly Hallstrom, 43, Dec. 7 in L.A., following Hallstrom’s allegations that Barker and Price producers forced her into retirement because she gained 14 pounds. The suit says Hallstrom’s attacks, on Hard Copy and elsewhere, ”tend to hold Barker up to ridicule and scorn and cause reputational harm.” Vowing she’ll fight back, Hallstrom says, ”Bob Barker’s statements against me are shamelessly false and deliberately misleading.” Barker’s run-in with former Price model Dian Parkinson, 50, who filed an $8 million sexual-harassment suit against him in 1994, ended when she withdrew the suit in April…. Boxing Helena has now spent more time in court than at the box office. On Dec. 8, Main Line Pictures reached a $3.8 million settlement with Kim Basinger, 42, who was ordered to pay the studio $8.1 million in 1993 after a court battle over her refusal to star in the film. (The ruling was later overturned by a California appeals court.) Now Apollo 13’s Ed Harris, 45, has filed a $600,000 breach-of-contract suit against Main Line, claiming it did not honor his ”pay or play” deal to costar in Helena. (Julian Sands and Sherilyn Fenn eventually starred.) ”It’s a shame Ed thought he had to do this,” says Main Line president Carl Mazzocone. ”He’ll be paid in full. There’s a great book in this.”

ENGAGEMENTS Former Beverly Hills, 90210 bad girl and Mall Rats star Shannen Doherty, 24, is settling down — again. Doherty said yes to her beau of more than a year, director Rob Weiss, 26. No date’s been set. This will be Weiss’ first trip to the altar and Doherty’s second (her marriage to Ashley Hamilton lasted 195 days).

DEATHS Darren ”Buffy” Robinson, 28, one of the trio of rappers known as the Fat Boys, of cardiac arrest, Dec. 10 at his Queens, N.Y., home. The 450-pound performer, nicknamed ”The Human Beat Box” because of the sounds he could make, was working on a Fat Boys album when he collapsed. Robinson had been battling a respiratory flu and was undergoing treatment for lymphedema, a rare disorder of the lymph nodes…. The Grateful Dead’s long strange trip has reached its final destination. On Dec. 8, four months after Jerry Garcia’s death, the remaining members — Bob Weir, 48; Phil Lesh, 55; Mickey Hart, 52; and Bill Kreutzmann, 49 — announced they were disbanding. ”The uniquely wonderful beast known as the Grateful Dead is over,” they said in a statement.