By EW Staff
Updated December 15, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST


THANKS FOR including current Broadway shows in your Holiday Movie Preview (#302, Nov. 24)! It was wonderful to read about theater in EW. I’ll never understand why you pay so much attention to multimedia, yet often ignore theater — the most thrilling, evocative, emotional, cathartic form of entertainment around. SHANNON REED Johnstown, Pa.

I WAS DEEPLY offended by your preview of Waiting to Exhale. Your reviewer’s comment regarding the plot, ”As readers [of the novel] know, there isn’t much of one: a quartet of black chicks sitting around talking — when they’re not telling off the men in their lives,” is an insult to Terry McMillan and the millions of readers who love her work. Waiting to Exhale became a best-seller because it is an incredible read — a book about four strong African-American women. EW seems to constantly trash movies by and about African-Americans — is it an attempt to keep moviegoers from patronizing them, or simply EW’s obvious ignorance of African-American culture? DEANNA DRAPER Inglewood, Calif.

AT THE END of your little blurb about Cutthroat Island in your Holiday Movie Preview, you ask the question, ”Has there ever been a hit pirate movie?” As a matter of fact, there has (unless you don’t consider grossing over $100 million a hit). Ever heard of Hook? RACHEL KRAUS Baltimore

LUMPING the ultra-futuristic, ultra-action, ultra-time-bending Twelve Monkeys in with ”Hollywood’s Smaller Offerings” is the most understated thought of the ’95 holiday film season. Not only will this film launch Bruce Willis into the ”I now have range” stratosphere, but with compelling performances by Brad Pitt and Madeleine Stowe, this film will prove worthy of a full cover story. KYLE DUFORD Boulder, Colo.

IT WAS GOOD to see your article about Casino. Maybe this will be what it takes for Sharon Stone to win an Oscar. DAVID C. LOWERY Heidelberg, Miss.


I ENJOYED your review of Xena. As adult professional women, my friends and I thoroughly enjoy the show. Yes, the action scenes are fun, but the shows are very well scripted, and the dialogue surprisingly campy and funny. Deep down I think we really like it because it plays to every woman’s fantasy to be able to kick the stuffing out of every guy who has slighted us or done us wrong. Yo, Xena. ANN MATIAS New York City


THANKS FOR the great Lynda Barry cartoon in the Nov. 24 issue. Her Poseidon Holiday Adventure was hysterical. She is one of the most original, sophisticated, and refreshing cartoonists around. I’d like to see her work more often! STEPHEN R. WILK San Francisco