By Gary Eng Walk
December 15, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

Le Louvre: The Palace & Its Paintings (BMG Interactive, CD-ROM for Mac and PC, $49.95) Sure, exploring a vast, labyrinthine museum like the Louvre can do wonders for your cultural ego, but try telling that to your feet—even the gift shop seems to go on forever. Le Louvre filters the museum’s collection down to a manageable and satisfying journey. Look at the floor layout or time line, click on a painting, and, voila!, it appears full-screen, with a brief, informative spoken narration on its composition and history. No computer graphic can equal the real thing, of course, but this disc offers compensations. With the close-up feature, for example, you can magnify the Mona Lisa and see the brush strokes. Don’t cancel your Paris vacation, however. The CD-ROM covers only a hundred of the thousands of works in the museum, but it’s a thoughtful — and less taxing — tour. A-