As a futuristic dystopian executioner given to bellowing, ”I am the law!” every five minutes, Sylvester Stallone swaggers through the rest of his lines in Judge Dredd as if they were Schwarzenegger-style bon mots. But there’s nary a true riposte in this entire half-slapstick, half-supergrisly comic-book adaptation, which has the overpumped actor mostly obscured by cheesy costumes and a helmet that leaves only his nerve-damaged upper lip showing. At least in theaters there was plenty of exploding scenery for you to watch. But with the original wide-screen images chopped almost in half to fit television screens, only talking heads remain, and your VCR thus visits crippling injustices on a movie that’s a weak case to begin with. C-

Judge Dredd
  • Movie
  • 96 minutes