By EW Staff
December 08, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST


Your James Bond cover story (#301, Nov. 17) really captured the essence of why we like Bond: He is cool, classy, suave, and can get out of any situation without being politically correct or self-compromising. As for your choice of ”Best Babe,” Ursula Andress was nice looking, but how about Tula in For Your Eyes Only? Give the lady her due. Not all best Bond girls have to be a major character, you know. KEVIN WILLIAMS Trenton, N.J.

Granted your choice of Woody Allen as the worst Bond is humorous, but it’s also misleading. David Niven portrays Bond in Casino Royale; Allen plays the villain, Jimmy Bond — James Bond’s nephew. (His evil plan is to release a virus that will make all women beautiful and all men shorter than he is!) MIKE WOLL Eau Claire, Wis.

How lucky is Benjamin Svetkey? First he gets to drive around with Hugh Grant (#284, July 21). Then he goes swimming with David Duchovny (#294, Sept. 29). Now he gets to interview Pierce Brosnan! It makes me almost want to be a writer — except for the writing part. JENNIE HE Brooklyn


Tally ho: The Beatles by Numbers” incorrectly lists the number of yeahs in ”She Loves You” as 24. The correct number is 29. I counted. I’m the overnight jock on Washington, D.C.’s WXTR 104. PEGGY CASTLE Kensington, Md.

Maintaining that ”younger rock fans” would find The Beatles Anthology ”peculiar overkill” is yet another example of generational stereotyping. What about those who admire the Beatles and Nirvana alike? My friends and I (our ages, by the way, range from 14 to 16) happen to be avid fans of both bands. It’s grossly unfair to make such a shallow judgment: Diverse tastes exist not only in a generation but also among individuals themselves. D. LE Livermore, Calif.


Instead of writing an insightful review of Your Little Secret, Chris Willman ripped into Melissa Etheridge. ”Arbitrary and clumsy working-class details.picked at random”? I’ll bet those lyrics came out of experience or empathy. I should know: Like Melissa, I lived in Kansas and came out there. How about mentioning her skills at [writing] universal lyrics that ring true for gays, straights, and bisexuals alike? ROCHELLE BURKMAN Waterbury, Conn.

Chris Willman is just jealous because he’s not a lesbian. BECKY TOWNSEND Lewisburg, Tenn.